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For our firm and for us as practicing professionals, we prefer the simplicity and clarity of a fee-only client relationship. We find that clients who gravitate to us feel the same way. In fairness to other practitioners within the financial planning profession, we feel that the manner of compensation does not define the ethics of an individual professional—that is displayed in the individual’s actions and deeds. We respect a number of experienced and qualified financial planning practitioners who receive commission income for part or all of their compensation. However, as stated above, we feel the fee-only approach puts our clients more at ease and allows them to avoid any doubts about whose team we are on.

Investment Management Clients

Some people are comfortable going it alone—assuming the burden of making their own financial decisions and investment selections and doing their own account monitoring. The other people—who feel more comfortable allowing an experienced professional remove that burden from them and make those decisions with or for them—are our investment management clients.

Most of our clients seek not just answers to specific financial questions, but also the security, freedom, and leisure that financial success can bring. Most of our clients are people who don’t have the time, training, or inclination to manage their own investments without help. Most are either too busy with work or too busy enjoying the hard-earned fruits of their labor accumulated during their career. Other clients need help resolving financial issues and need an advisor who will give independent and objective advice.

Some of our clients have recently retired and are faced with the important decision of rolling over their 401(k) plan into an IRA. They don’t want to make mistakes with a career’s worth of retirement savings meant to provide for a secure retirement.

Some of our clients have recently received an inheritance and want that legacy received to be preserved and invested for the needs and future of the client.

Financial Planning Clients

Those clients seeking financial planning services are looking for guidance and answers to personal financial issues and desire a limited, hourly engagement to resolve these issues.

Typical issues include hourly investment advice, retirement planning, tax planning, college funding, and many other situation-specific issues as presented. Many of the areas of financial planning are inter-related. A decision about how to save for retirement could be an issue all its own—like how much savings is needed, or to calculate the expected level of retirement income. However, it is also likely to be connected to investment alternatives available as well as the client’s tax picture.

Clients seeking investment advice may be looking for help evaluating investment alternatives. Other clients in this category may want us to review and evaluate their current holdings and make recommendations to improve performance or reduce risk.

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